- Fixed holes in ground in spots.
- Fixed Floating Trees along I-17
- Fixed Ground Clipping in Camp Verde
- Fixed Errors in Oxnard
- Fixed Roundabout invisible Barrier
- Numerous tweaks and fixes.

VERSION 1.0 - Introduction
- Camp Verde Rework
- I 17 Alternations to Accommodate new scenery
- A few roundabouts around Camp Verde
- AZ 89 Alternations to Accommodate new scenery.
- **** Note: Route shields are not implemented, placeholders exist in this version (black icons).
- **** Bugs are expected, posibly floating items/gps maulfuntions etc. Just report it here so I can fix it for the soon to come Version 1.1. This is my first map, I hope you like it. Hopefully it will turn into something big!

This Project is WIP that will add cities to the old Arizona map

Map is tested for and compatible with ATS 1.34x
Map requires all map DLCs. Issues with special transport routes may occur, this will be fixed in 1.1.
Map is compatible with most maps. C2C, Viva Mexico, Canadream etc. Ensure that "AIP1.0" is at the top!


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