I think that no presentation is needed, for this one: directly from the '80s TV Show, a two pieces:

The paintjob for OVERFLOATER's KENWORTH K100E (his mod is, obviously, mandatory: click_here)
The paintjob for SCS STOCK BOX TRAILER

The truck's paintjob support all the accessories and cab/chassis sizes.
The box trailer's paintjob, also, support all the lenght (from 28ft to 53ft) and variant (dry, insulated, refeer) and relative accessories.
BOTH are "color mask": they came pre-set to "BJ and The Bear" color scheme by default, but are FULLY IN GAME CUSTOMIZABLE in any shade and nuance of colors.

BOTH download are needed (one for the truck, one for the trailer)
VERSION 1.1 - Improved textures

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