Changes in v1.1
If possible, corrected errors, returned the missing files and updated the version of the game 1.35.
- Added 3 speed settings for janitors;
- Corrected the shadows;
- The truck can be purchased both at the standard KENWORTH and in the modified one, unlocking all parts from level 0.
- The truck was tested on the game version 1.35 in DX9 and DX11 mode on a clean profile with a clean game.log;

- Standalone
- KENWORTH dealer
- Interior
- Painted
- Tuning
- Sounds
- Support for advanced hitch;
- Support for cables and hoses;
- Fixed wipers (clear glass again).

MRD_Hasky, Dmitry86. revision vasja555, Update 1.35: VITALIY7735

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