[orange] Original model by v.krankel-varter
[blue] Sounds: Kriechbaum[normal]

add : cabin light press "o" to on off
: 20 new engines
: dashboard light red
: new interior red
: steering wheel custom by "Chip Foose

1.03: Original mod
1.07: Fix for patch 1.35
1.1: Updated for patch 1.36.x(truck and trailer) including some minor interior updates and some fixes.[normal]

1) glass and flare texture fixed.
2) Sound is fixed (added Air Horn from interior).

Interior only updates.You can add now if you wish:
1) GPS.
2) ATS Steam hanging toys.
3) Passenger.
4) Other Mack steering wheels.

From outside truck remain as "it is" in the movie. Nothing is changed there.
[red]Update for 1.36 by vasja555

Original model by v.krankel-varter

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