Based on Freightliner Classic XL V3.0 (BSA Personal) mod for ATS V1.40 and higher;

Adapted: for ATS V1.43;

Updated: models, materials, interior animation;

Corrections: Light, mirrors, properties of interior materials.

Additions: new accessories, new accessories, Eaton Fuller transmissions, all kinds of animations, including new features based on SCS games;

Revision: models of tractor, interiors and some accessories, animations and light;

Changes: models of tractor, interiors and some accessories, changed animations, light and properties of some materials, the names of some accessories;

Removal: I have become unnecessary files and some options of accessories.

Sold from Freightliner dealers and Freightliner dealers from modifications;

3 cab options: 70 '' Mid-Roof and Raised Roof Sleepers, 84 '' Raised Roof Sleeper;

3 interior with different colors;

8 chassis options: 6x4, 8x4, 8x6;

Transmissions Eaton Fuller (third-party transmissions are not supported!);

The engines are combined with them according to the characteristics of transmissions (third-party engines are not supported!);

Engine sounds updated;

Painting support;

Support for advanced coupling;

Support for the animation of brakes;

Their cables for trailers;

own tuning;

Added a set of branded tires and caps Freightliner;

Added Freightliner steering wheels;

Smoke from exhaust pipes;

Added by DLC Steering Creations Pack + Steering Wheel Knobs (updated to version 2020);

Support DLC Cabin Accessories (some accessories from it are added to the mod);

Support SISL's Mega Pack v3.3;

Support for pneumatic signals from SCS;

Added warning flags and signage for the transport of oversized cargo;

Added light bulbs and fog lights from ETS2;

Submitted to the gallery;

Added to orders companies.


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