This mod adds new Detroit Diesel V71 engine sounds to the game when using the engines below.
Any other engines will use standard SCS sounds.
The mod is not compatible with older versions of the game.

IMPORTANT - for best results, turn off cabin reverb

Work in progress using FMOD, over time, more fine-tuning the sound will be made.

For the sound to appear in the game, you must install one of the following engines:
Detroit Diesel 6V71
⚫ 230 (853 lb-ft)
⚫ 262 (725 lb-ft)
Detroit Diesel 8V71
⚫ 304 (800 lb-ft)
⚫ 350 (965 lb-ft)
⚫ 360 (1064 lb-ft)
Detroit Diesel 12V71
⚫ 465 (1200 lb-ft)
⚫ 525 (1450 lb-ft)
GMC 6004 16V71 Valentine Tank Engine
⚫ 800 (2150 lb-ft)

Supported Trucks:
All stock plus
Kenworth W900A
Peterbilt 567 from GT-Mike
Kenworth W900B from GT-Mike
Freightliner FLB by Harven
International 9800 from Harven and odd_fellow
Kenworth K100E from Overfloater
Peterbilt 379/389 from Viper2
Autocar AT by XBS
Autocar DC by XBS

Game version: on below 1.37.x


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