The mod contains the following new features and fixes:

- Customizable pilot paintjob
- Yellow single beacon
- Yellow front flasher
- Blue rear-warning system (only if picked the blue front flashers)
- Towbar
- Caravan mirrors
- Interior accessory slot
- Shifting now works!

Other features:

- Includes the Caravan trailer from TruckersMP
- 2.0 TDI Engine with police siren
- Original Skoda Superb Logo´s

- The Skoda / Scout Superb can be bought at all dealers
- To use the siren, press the key for the horn -> by default: H
- The Caravan trailer can be found at the normal cargo market. It may happens that the caravan is replaced by 1 ton trailers but normaly this should not be the case. To fix this you have to do an economy reset. How to do this can be read here[]


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