YKS Team Eu Turkey v1.6.3

Map of Turkey and Georgia: compatible with DLC Vive la France and Italy

-8 new countries associated with the map of Europe. (Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Republic of Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Serbia).
-61 Cities in Turkey.
-2 Cities in Northern Cyprus of the Republic of Turkey.
-2 Cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
-1 City in Bulgaria.
-2 Cities in Croatia.
-3 Cities in Georgia.
-2 Cities in Serbia.
-2 cities from Azerbaijan.

- Added border crossing Kapıkule and Sarp from Turkey.
- Added border crossing Shamatz from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
- Added border crossing Kapitan-Andreevo and Kalotina from Bulgaria.
- Added border crossing Bayakovo from Croatia.
- Added border crossing Gradina and Batrovci from Serbia.

You must have a DLC: go to the East, France, Italy, Scandinavia and the Baltic

Authors: Dogukan_K61, Scaniaman6106, (against), furkan61, UMTKRZ, mbb27, Sinanyilmaz, UMTZRLU, orlic

Version 1.6.3 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.37.x):

Update for 1.37


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