Map of Russia and Belarus. There is a standard Europe and DLC "Giong East". A working licensed game with installed DLC GE.

Features of the Map:

- Use any copyrighted prefabs to create original interchanges;
- Due to the incomplete of study of prefabs, the traffic does not move them in all directions and may be a problem with the map on the right path junction in your GPS - Recommended routes undertaken strictly on road signs in the area of ​​St. Petersburg and north;
- Driving on winter roads only sequentially or manual box, otherwise you can not even budge.


-Maps is not working without addon!

-Not compatible with other maps.

"Supplement to the map, 34 new towns and villages":

Features additions:

- Lots of new towns and villages;
- Thousands of kilometers of new roads for the study;
- Military units;
- Northern Areas covered with snow;
- A huge number of hidden and difficult road;
- Unique models
- A new species of stations such as "flyover" (repair, it is desirable to carry out without a trailer)
- The rest will find themselves



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DOWNLOAD (448 mb, Maps)