Map for ETS2 - SibirMap - alpha version 0.2.0.
The map author SibirMap: Valery 10AVOID
The author objects SibirMap: Denis DENLOG
Formally: map scale: 1:4 slopes, 1:2 for the city.
- Added road P-402 from the Parking lot at Ermak to Krutinka (100 real miles). Which means that the length of roads on the map Siberia has doubled.
- Added about 150 (!) brand new and unique objects, created specifically for the map Siberia (Stella, at home, cafes). Many thanks to the author of the models Denlog'.
- Added towns: Bekisheva, Robin (without the base), Tyukalinsk, Krutinka.
- Added dealerships: Scania, Man, Volvo, Daf. Now, together with Iveco and Reno is on the map 6 of car dealerships of 7.
- Changed values of regional speed limits.
- Another fix has been the economy. A complete replacement of the default firms on custom, such as a Magnet, Baikal Service, etc., including regional. For companies designed trailers and in some places, the objects for the database. Pay attention that the goods have not yet fine-tuned, may get lucky with the maslokombinat a truck with electronics or frozen beets. At the moment, the economic component of the game is under development and will change over time.
- Fixed a lot of bugs, substitutions of objects to reduce the redness of the log. Fixed bugs such as the error with the number of trucks (just buy a new tractor), or a problem with the lack of goods on the bases. Fixed friezes near Omsk and parked in the Robin. A lot of bugs added or remain from the past versions, the author does what he can.
INSTALLATION: as version 0.1.1, all the requirements without modification. Implications for existing profile should not be. Before you upgrade complete the delivery, you will be sent to the garage!
Note: the Map runs in a separate module! For this, you will need to create a new profile and connect fashion before launching the game, selecting the module sibir.mdb.
DISCLAIMER. The map was used to project objects RusMap and Southern Region. All rights to models belong to their authors.
Installation order:
- Rusmap 1.7.4 (Map, Def, Model)
----> fix on SR (version 1.28)
- SouthernRegion 6.5.0 (Map&Def, Model)
- SibirMap (Map, Def, Model)
The card is compatible with traffic-pack from Jazzycat.
ATTENTION! Packs on trailers can replace the original skins for the map SibirMap!
Map version: 1.28. (1.30 WILL fly! careful, don't forget to revert to version 1.28!)
Need all dlc released map (GE, Scandinavia, Viva la France).
Fashion weather\seasons can be unstable!

Aeroprise with a new sleek skin (set cards)
Physics, adapted to map SibirMap author Artem Kazantsev
The trailer with the logo SibirMap, the author Maxim Kuznetsov

Valery 10AVOID,Denis DENLOG

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