This is a complete overhaul addons for the Hungary map made by Frank007.
This mod was made to be close as the reality as possible on every aspect of the game.
You can run the mod on a current load game but it is better to start a new game to enjoy all the modification from the start !

Quick description:
Hungary Map Addons:
-Fix 99% of the errors from the Ai Indian Fix (thanks a lot to him for keep alive the map)
-Complete overhaul of Ai traffic
-Complete overhaul of Economy
-And much more.

Hungarian companies:
-Included Logo company skin.
-Included Trailers company skin.
-Included New traffic trailers.
-Included Logo player company skin.
-Included Ai Traffic Logo company skin.
-Included Trucks company skin.
-Inclued Real Hungarian drivers names.
-And much more.

– HungaroCamion
– HunCargo
– Waberers
– Duran-Trans
– Szemerey
– Transsped
– SioTrans
– Fazekas
– B3 Sped Dombovar
– Farkas-Transz
– Horvath Tranport
– Penny Market
- Auchan
– Gemini Kft
– Agro-Alfa Kft
– Spar
– Mol
- Busped

Mods included adapted to Hungary map :
-Real Traffic Density by Cipinho
-Real Ai logo brand by Jazzycat
-HN Immersive Symbols V2.0 by Habdorn
-Realistic Building Lights v2.4 by Grimes
-Some trailers, prefab and gps texture by Jano

All the credits go to the original author of mod i just adapt them to fit Hungary map as best as possible !
Thanks to them !

By Igor Nitch

Load order and recommended mods :
From top to bottom:
1 Project next gen 1.5 base, vegetation and weather
2 Sound Fixes Pack - ETS2
3 Scania_Addons
4 smp3_0_133
5 trailers schmitz
6 Hungary_Addons
7 HM_new_AI_test_1.33.x_byIndian56

8 HM_def_hotfix_0.9.28a_1.33.x_byIndian56

9 hungary_model
10 hungary_base

You need to uninstall all your map dlc addons
You need to install Krone and Schwarzmuller trailers dlc

Igor Nitch

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DOWNLOAD (180.1 Mb,