HEAVY RAIN V2.0 FOR ETS2 1.34/1.35

Works with ETS2 1.34,x & 1.35 Open Beta

This new version has all the work completely changed (audios, effects etc..)
- Rain drops better textures from inside cabin
- Better Rain particles of the wheels (truck and AI Traffic)
- Rain more intense from inside cabin
- Better rain sounds from inside cabin & outside
- Better windshield effect
- New randoms thunders sounds added

IMPORTANT!!!! Put Heavy Rain in your mod Folder and ACTIVATE IT AS HIGHT PRIORITY!! (Top)
place THIS MOD above mods like Nextgen, RGM, Weather mods etc.

Darkcaptain cipinho (volume adjust) frkn64 (rain textures)

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DOWNLOAD (2 mb, Modsbase.com)