Compatibility: 1.32 All DLCs and Promods 2.31
Version: 1.32 fixes by Cheva

Changelog 1.32 New parameters Patch by Cheva:
– 1.32 new variables
– Rewards (bonuses) increased in first levels
– Long distances increased
– Some coefficients added and changed
– New yawn sounds

Changelog [green]1.30 Semaphore Patch[normal]:
– Semaphore definitions patched for Promods’s Ireland (provided by @rockandrole18)

Changelog [green]1.30[normal]:
– The version number of this mod will match the version of ETS2 in the same way ETS and ATS versioning was united.
– Added Doubles Park XP Bonus.
– Added Police (patrol) parameters.
– Police (patrol) probabilities adjusted.
– Police (patrol) “increase fine” set to “1”.
– Police (patrol) time between fine set to 2 minutes. No cash grabbers here.
– Ferries definitions fixed. Fix provided by “rockandrole18”. Thank you very much mate!
– Truck to Trailer damage coefficient changed. It’s now 2%

Changelog [green]1.3[normal]:
– Separate definitions for Economy Data XP. In 1.27, they split the definitions in two separate files.
– Revised Ferry Prices. Ferry fees reduced by 45%.
– Revised Fuel Prices (April 27 2017).

Changelog [green]1.2[normal]:
– Added wear and tear data.
– Reduced wear for engine, transmission and tires.
– Reduced damage factor for Cabin, Chassis and Transmission.
– Tires will last +/- 30.000km before replacement is needed.
– Initial loan increased for 250.000 EUR. (after 50 jobs maintained)
– Overdraft duration increased to 10 days. (prior 5 days)
– Reworked (again) CoInsurance. Minimum value is now 2.500 EUR (prior 500). Increased evaluation ratio factors. Changes will be even more noticiable, mainly when it increases, a.k.a. slop driving.
– Reduced average speed for expected time for deliveries calculations to meet the AETR (European agreement concerning the work of crews of vehicles engaged in
international road transport) regulations. Original value was 62km/h, now 40km/h.
– Experience Points for parking per difficulty added to the code.
– Cargo Max damage increased to 20% before voiding the entire job contract (was 6%). 195 EUR deducted from payment for every 1 % of damage.

Changelog [green]1.1.1[normal]:
– Fixed abnormal France’s toll behavior. If toll places do not charge you, it’s a map related problem. The prices for the new toll places are set in map files not in defs.

Changelog [green]1.1[normal]:
– Speeding ticket price increased to 30 EUR (prior 10 EUR).
– Speeding ticket probability is now 90% to simulate non-functional or broken radars.
– Hired drivers will now quit on the 10th day if no truck assigned to them. This will allow truck reassignment between hired drivers with full leveled “distance” skill.
– CoInsurance minimal payment is now 500 EUR (prior 200 EUR). Insurance evaluation rate are now more noticiable.

Changelog [green]1.0[normal]:
– Real Fuel Prices from Dec 3 2016.
– Increased “No lights lights at night” traffic fine to 20 EUR (prior, 15 EUR).
– Added information about CoInsurance in mod description and readme.
– Semaphore yellow light time increased to 4 seconds interval to reduce red light fines due no enough brake distance.
– Included fines information sources inside the package.

Changelog [green]0.9.1[normal]:
– Added Coinsurance (Thanks Piva)
– Added new information in “mod_description.txt” and “readme.txt” about changes made by this mod.

[orange]This mod is designed for maximum realistic simulation purposes.
Keep in mind that every career is hard at the beginning and the $$ are low. Every mistake can cost you more than a few $$.
Enjoy the journey, get experience and conquer the road transportation empire.

Keep truckin’


Inspired by the work of DocMoriarty
With collaboration from rockandrole18

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***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****[normal]

Please, continue reading…

[red]General Income[normal]

Reduced to realistic income when Hired (Quick Jobs) and when taking jobs in the Freight Market.

Fixed income – Quick Jobs: 0,38 EUR/Km plus 10 EUR fixed payment
Fixed income – Freight Market: 3,78 EUR/Km as base price. Especializations and special deliveries have multiply factors.

** You’ll be able to take “Freight Market” jobs only after 40 completed quick jobs (+/- Skilled Driver category in Progression History). See Loans Section.**

Hired Drivers: 2.500 EUR Fee and work under the same rules as you in Quick Jobs.

It will need about 1 year of in-game time to be able to afford a own truck without any loan.

Selling used trucks returns 67% of the original stock price.


– Increased cargo damage cost (34%).
– Abandoned Job: 18000 Fine (avoid it).
– Reduced cost of fuel, maintenance and insurance for hired drives to match a realistic scenario.
– Small Garage price maintained at 180.000 EUR. Large Garage is now 280.000 EUR (keep your expansion rate at more realistic levels).
– Large garage provides fuel with 15% off price.

[red]Note:[normal] pay attention to fuel prices differences between countries. Waiting for filling up after crossing borders may lead to profit or loss. Be smart.

[red]Fuel Prices[normal]

Fuel prices are now realistic. The mod contains updated prices for the following map mods: Promods, Rusmap, Balkans, Egypt Add-on.
Fuel prices updated from April 27 2017.


You only can take your first loan after 50 jobs. At this time, you will be able to take 250.000 EUR Loan.
When you reach level 25, you will be able to take full credit loans of 1.250.000 EUR.
Bank overdraft is 10 days.

Loans informations:

1 – 20.000 EUR at 23% of interest rate. 5 weeks duration.
2 – 100.000 EUR at 20% of interest rate. 18 weeks duration
3 – 250.00 EUR at 18% of interest rate. 52 duration.
4 – 1.000.000 EUR at 12% of interest rate. 104 weeks duration.

Only take loans when you daily income are suitable for it. Doh’!

[red]Garage Goals[normal]

Garage productive goals are set to match the realistic values. Be aware that reaching 100% of garage productivy will be a rare event. This will allow you to have a better notion of the productivity of your garages when in Garage Manager.

Single Garage: 3.500 EUR per week (last 7 days).
Small Garage: 100.000 EUR per week (last 7 days).
Large Garage: 200.000 EUR per week (last 7 days).

Be sure to have spare money before hiring! Be sure to have spare money before hiring! Be sure to have spare money before hiring!
When hiring new drivers, they will loss money in their first jobs. As soon their levels raises, positive income starts.
Manage drivers skills to reach at least Long Distance Level 3 (Ideal Level 6) and then others.
Manage drivers skills the same way you managed yours, smartly.

[red]Truck wear and tear – Damage[normal]

Reworked damage parameters.
Rebalanced wear and tear. Tires must run over 30.000km before losing grip. (original tire lifespan were less than 10.000km).


CoInsurance system implemented. This system works by evaluating your driving behavior and applying a discount factor in “Repair Costs” when repairing in the Shops.
Getting fined, damaging the cargo, driving recklessly will lead to negative “points”, reducing the discount.
Carefull driving will be rewarded by increasing the discount.
Be aware that Insurance Contracts are defined at the purchase. So if you purchased you truck with the previous version of this mod, the contract rules for this truck remains intact. To use the new values, you need to buy a new truck.

[red]Police Fines[normal]

Adjusted charged prices to match the realistic income. Real fines cost implemented. (based on Germany laws and fine tables)

Car crash: 10 EUR (why should you be fined for that?) (Enabled for insurance calculations)
Avoid sleeping: 150 EUR (with Fatigue Simulation enable)
Wrong way: 200 EUR (after 20 seconds, 33% of probabilities to get fined)
Speeding (Camera/Radar): 30 EUR / 90% of probability to get fined (Why just 30? Because if you drive by law, you will never have a 30km+ speeding fine. If you want to drive like a maniac, well, realistic mods is not your thing)
No lights at night: 20 EUR.
Running red lights: 90 EUR. (yellow light is now 4 seconds long)

Police car patrols fine are the same. Some probabilities adjusted. No increase factor.

Avoid at all costs be fined when at the beginning of the career. If you are starting a new profile, taking quick jobs with low skills, some fines may have a important impact in your income. Most jobs at the beginning are under 400 EUR (and 200 EUR is pretty commom), so, one running red lights is almost 25% (50%) of you income.

[red]Skill Progression[normal]

Skill bonusses are reduced, the plain level based bonus is removed. (thanks Doc!)

[red]Delivery windows[normal]

The delivery windows were increased to allow driving under AETR (European agreement concerning the work of crews of vehicles engaged in international road transport) regulations. Original value was 62km/h, now 40km/h for time calculations.

[red]Cargo Validity[normal] (time a cargo is available to be picked)

Minimum time: 3 hours
Maximum time: 66 hours. This was increased to allow long travels to pick such cargo.

[red]Hired drivers Experience[normal]

Hired Drivers will evolve at same rate as you. The factor was reduced from original double factor (2.0) to single factor (1.0)
Hired Drivers without a truck will now quit after 10 days (prior 5). This allow truck swaping when your drivers have full Distance skill.

[red]Ferry Prices[normal]

Ferry prices revised to match real fee prices. Overall reduction by 45% from the original.

Kablowsky, Cheva

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