Version: 1.0 by Geppox
Compatibility: 1.33

This mod is designed to combine realism, playability and fun. I have changed the economy so as to start with a little more difficulty, as you advance in level you will be paid more, but without exaggerating.

Some Changes

User: Quick Jobs: 1.00 EUR/Km plus 60 EUR fixed payment.
Freight Market: 1.35 EUR/Km base price. Experience and special deliveries multiply this factor.
Cargo Market: 1.50 EUR/Km base price.

AI driver: Quick Jobs: 1.00 EUR/Km plus 30 EUR fixed payment.
Cargo Market: 1.05 EUR/Km base price.

Hired Drivers: 150 EUR

Truck Refund: 65% of the original price.

Fuel Discount in Garage 25%.

Recalculated Reward Bonus.

Add Coinsurance.

Recalculated Loan Duration.

Price Adjustment of Fines.

And More…


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