This mod is based on 50k wheels pack with modified sizes of tires for Low deck trucks.

(On the pics Im using 315/50 on the front and 295/45 on the rear)

The tires are separated from the wheels pack by 50k and are fully compatible with the rims from 50k or abass rims.
WARNING: On some of my low deck chassis addons you can get some damage but it will be solved in the future, so drive carefully ;)
WARNING 2: Im not any expert at sizes so everything is based from pics in rl.


- 315/50 front tires.
- 315/55 front tires.
- 295/50 front tires.
- 295/55 front tires.
- 295/45 rear tires.
- 295/50 rear tires.
- 295/55 rear tires.

50k & Sogard3

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