What is new?
- model, especially chassis has been splitted into different parts
- 6 chassis options: 3 for standard bumpers and 3 for a Dhollandia taillift. Chassis comes in paint, stock and galvanized.
- 5 different sideskirt options: palettbox, rails open/closed and rails open/closed painted.
- new bumper variants: smaller bumper, dhollandia taillift in three options: stock, paint and fullpaint
- added 4 different mudgards: Parloks and three different variants of the stock fender
- added 3 different variants of a Frigoblock cooling unit: paint, stock and blue
- made the Schmitz stickers on the body removable
- added an only slot option for the side markers
- added Vignal rear lights to all bumpers (dynamic flares will be added at a later date when 1.40 becomes final)
- made the spare wheel casing removeable and added the same versions as for the chassis
- added a new type of rearlocker
- made 48 skins of reallife companies to add some realism to the mod
- all flares changed to SCS ones to avoid conflicts

Known issues:
- flares need adjustment on some lamps
- visual conflicts between some parts

Compatible versions:
1.39 and 1.40

Base mod: obelihnio Rework & additions: JUseeTV Skins: JUseeTV and TvKleunen Testing: a few good friends

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