Added Owned Tandem Trailer (3 profiliner).
Added Owned Tandem Trailer (3 universal).
Added Owned Tandem Trailer (2 container).
Added Owned Tandem Trailer (2 cistern).
Added 5 Non Trailer Cargo. (flatbed, curtainside, dryvan, insulated, refrigerated)
Added Owned Dolly Profiliner trailers now. (5 versions, but they are in beta and can not directly be seen)
Added Front Accessories and Rear Banner option for all owned trailers in pack.
Added Cables and Animated Cables to all non owned Tandem Profiliner, Universal, Container and Cistern trailers (All has cables now).
Added small wheels for Tandem Universal trailers as they do not use game stock wheels.
Fixed missing cargo box collisions. all 20 cargo boxes on all 15 trucks are fixed now. Huge job but finally it works after several years .
Fixed rear wheel position up on all Dolly Coolliner trailers as it was a bit to low comparing to dolly wheel height.
Fixed rear wheel position down on Scania 2016 R and S as it was a bit to high comparing to front wheel.
Updated roof on all owned Tandem and Dolly Profiliner trailers. (Made it more flat).
Updated rear fender banner on all owned Tandem and Dolly Profiliner trailers so be less shiny.
Updated collision boxes on all Dollys, both Single and Double.
Updated most rear axle to be sterring on 1x3, 2x3 Dolly Coolliner and Profiliner and on Tandem Coolliner, Profiliner and Universal 3 and 4 axles trailers. (Can be seen as a yellow wheel in shop)
All Tandem and Dolly Cargo from Freight marked removed. Please use own trailer to freight cargo now.

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Flemming V

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