Volvo Fm Classic:
-4×2,6×2[taglift,midlift] single and double rear wheel, 6×4 chassis
-Globetrotter and Low Cab, with spoiler
-Various engines
-Wheels and Volvo Rims accesories
-Some accessories
-Various paint options
-Update for 1.35.x
-Fix Wheels Position
-Remap main UV map
-Optimize and separate some models
-Fix materials(baked model error)
-Ready for d3d11
-Fix wipers
-Not works in previous versions
-Due changes in UV map you need to remap your skins if you use the main template(uv1)
-Interior UK variants are removed so before update you need to buy EU variants (only in Globetrotter cab)
-Contains new skins template
-Contains DLC toys and DLC flags activation mods

AU44, ventyres, mjtemdark

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DOWNLOAD (46.8 Mb,