Volvo F10-F12 edit mjtemdark 1.38.x

Volvo F10-F12(1977-1987)

- Low cab and Globetrotter
- 4×2,6×2 short[midlift,taglift, taglift single], 6×2 long(taglift taglift single), 6×4 short and long, 8×4 oversize.
- Independent Interiors
- Various Accessories
- Independent Sound

- Change sound to first original sound
- Fix other sounds (horn, spoiler horn, interior blinkers, wipers)
- Normalize size of open pipes, fix tower position
- Add superior aditional horns
- Change interior button animation (ebrake)
- Fix fender variant

- Not work in previous versions
- Contain DLC toys and DLC flags activation mods
- Contain skins templates
- If you want a better open pipe sound you can use the volvo F series sound by Rasta J., this latest version is compatible, you can overwrite defs

Stas556,Chris, Gandorin,Mjtemdark, Ventyres

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