VOLVO FH16 2012 V1.32.2.39S BY RPIE

New Version
- Many small improvements.
- Fixed some bugs.
- New trailers (8 tandem trailers).
- Trailer cables in all trailers.
- 2 New trucks.

4 Cabins.
53 Chassis, 7 original and 44 additional.
9 Engines.
8 Trans.
4 The interior.
More than 230 Skins (if you have all the DLC).
Original accessories,
Front grilles,
Front mirrors,
Side mirror,
Side skirts,
Rear bumpers,
Medium tailpipes,
Small lights,
Eagle Eyes Lights Crane,
Stone Guard,
Front hook cover and casing.
Original accessories for interior, light boards, toys and taillights.
8 Tandem trailers.

Remon Pnoill Israil Enwia (RPIE)

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