This mod will add a Premium 1997 DCI (I Generation) for ETS2. You will be able find it in the Renault Dealership.

This is based on the Renault Premium from SCS.

1.0 Change Log:
- 5 Cabin Options
- 5 Chassis Options
- 12 Engine Options (DXI11, MIDR & MACK)
- Lots of tuning options

SCS Software (Base Models and Sounds) -Mr.Green, Maks Ponomarnev (Original Creators) -Mohammad Ali (Adaptation to 1.34) Sound Credits: -Yafet Rasta.Jr, Kriechbaum - V8 engine sounds (from the R.J Productions mod) -V2obert, Kriechbaum - L6 engine sounds (from the Mack Pinnacle mod for ATS) -Florida_Boy - engine definitions, transmission definitions, shop icons, and mod assembly

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DOWNLOAD (166.4 Mb,