Features / Functions:
-Animowane Belts and drive chains / belts & Animation of driving chains
-Reczna Adjustable support / Manual support
-Reczna Adjustable pick-up / Manual adjustment of the pick-up
-Mobile Side flaps / Removable cover
-Obroty Tractor increases after starting the PTO / RPM Increases -Tractor after starting the PTO
-Realna Amination bar / Realistic animation of balls

Niemiałem time or desire her dokączyć and therefore may contain errors such as / I had no time or desire to finish it, and Therefore CONTAIN small bugs dry as:
-No Help text (under control) / No Help text (Control butons below)
Manometer-down / inactive hydraulic pressure gauge
-Several Errors model / A few bugs of the model
-Capacity Only 700l, quickly fills / Capacity only 700l, quickly filling

Control / Controlling:

N / M - Adjustable support / Manual adjustment of the support
-PageUp / PageDown - Adjust the pick-up Manual adjustment of the pick-up
-K / L Removing / Removable cover

-Sven777b -Manuel Leithner -Lechu -Aranea -Face -Giants Software -Lubelski Symulator Farmy

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