The map was newly Built and a pair of objects was replaced with übernommen.Rest LS11 LS13 objects. Breeding and selling integrated form of the fields and streets have remained as in LS11! Now, as before, there are also 4 merchants. Kuhzone put on the usual. The sheep are slightly below the Kuhzone and chickens in the central courtyard. BGA is also there where it was before, as well as dealers! Heating power plant has also remained. Raiffeisen was replaced by Landi  Billinger was also replaced! LU near Landi and you will find the wool buying at The Grainmill you find the above LU Golf Club on your travels Billinger over, far top left to find on the corner. All fields grubbed, some Vorgesät and fertilized. Fields can be bought and putrefaction was Disabled. Milk is collected 2 times a day HKW buys dung, manure, grass and chaff. I just wanted to mention! Thank you for SirRobin for roads, Fixed and he has provided me with the i3d for your disposal. A thanks also to blubber for as fore, has transformed my textures in dds. SirRobin has already mentioned a lot, so I will not write more on this :-) ..... I wish you much fun on the Map by zucchero New vers. 2: Vielles has been fixed and expanded! Food storage, WasserMod, etc. .. were built, it looks to you



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