MR Collection for Small Farms & Vintage Players
This Collection was designed for small Farms and Vintage players that prefer the More Realistic Mod. The Collection has three parts: Attached, Motorized and Trailed. I used well known free models (mainly from Giants) and collected all i could find about MR. To beginn i deleted various scripts and extras to avoid conflicts, and added first MR. All are logfree and set to the historic data i could find, still some random settings. Also added some extras to enjoy! I have not played in MP, so if you can´t or have any kind of problems, please report to the Support Topic! Any kind of comment is welcome! Have Fun!
Each Collection has to be unzipped and the inserted zip´s to your mods folder. The .zip names of previous versions have not changed, so you can continue your savegame.

General Changings:
More Realistic, historic data settings, cleaned describtion

Specified Changings:
Dynamic exhaust to all motorized (by modelleicher for MR)
Farmer texture to all motorized (by kaosknite)
Gueldner texture green/used (by Kwazulu)
DustWheels (by fruktor) to combines and trailer, tractors are to small exept Schlueter1500. Active DL for DustWheels Dec 2016:
ChoppedStrawSpec to combines (by Templaer)
Waltons honk to all motorized exept Schlueter1500 (by Flintenwiesel)
Engine sounds to LindnerBF450 (now 3Zyl DeutzD40, by LudmillaPower)
AI (helper) set for narrow field ends with attached tools (not trailed)
Reduced threshing loss to 1%, Vintage players dont want to buy a new
Minor reduced flowspeed of sprayers and spreaders, corrected working speed to force slower driving
I tryed to build a SupportTrailer for several uses, but cant get the scripts changed, so i made two:
Changed Graintrailer to SeedTrailer with SeedTrailer.lua (by Xentro) and static models
Changed Graintrailer to SupportTrailer with SprayTankerTrigger.lua (by Xentro), Watertrailer and several static models

In this collection: Motorized
BucherD4000: farmer skin, dynamic exhaust, AI, Waltons honk
BucherTRL: farmer skin, dynamic exhaust, Waltons honk
DeutzD80: farmer skin, dynamic exhaust, AI, Waltons honk
GueldnerG40_FL: farmer skin, tractor skin, dynamic exhaust, AI, Waltons honk (cant turn off the sound of the 3Point)
HatzH340: farmer skin, dynamic exhaust, AI, Waltons honk
HuerlimannD110: farmer skin, dynamic exhaust, AI, Waltons honk
LindnerBF: farmer skin, dynamic exhaust, AI, Waltons honk, Engine sound - now 3Zyl.
Lizard58: farmer skin, dynamic exhaust, AI, Waltons honk, DustWheels, Strawspec (made this one with cabin bigger than 7210)
Lizard7210: farmer skin, exhaust pipe, dynamic exhaust, brake lights, brake sound, AI, Waltons honk, DustWheels, Strawspec (made this one smaller, still stonger than Fahr66)
Schlueter1500: farmer skin, dynamic exhaust, AI, DustWheels

Modders Credits: Giants MR: realisticpunk12/16 Models: Farming Classics DLC FS13 FS11 sandgroper bsxModsLS TMT (Kolbenfresser,HatzFan, Marhu) moor2000 LSSA Modding Team Pavson69 dziudek927 Bociek janba75 JauchenPaule Frankengamer martinbigM500 Ziberg Textures: Farmer: KaosKnite - source MR `55 Farmall 300 (all motorized) Gueldner: Kwazulu Sounds: Waltons Honk: Flintenwiesel (converted stereo to mono .wav) Engine sounds: LudmillaPower (converted stereo to mono .wav, cut D40 start) Scripts: Manuel Leithner, SFM-Modding DynExhaust: modelleicher, schwabenmodding (All motorized) DustWheels: fructor, eifok-team active DL Dec 2016: StrawSpec : Templaer (only Combines) MilchTransport: marhu Spaytankertrigger: Xentro SeedTrailer: Xentro

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