URSUS C-385 (FS2013)
URSUS C-385 (FS2013)
URSUS C-385 (FS2013)

-Otwierane Doors, roof, rear window
-Full Animation rear Tuz
-counters Rpm, fuel level, pressure, battery charging
-Ruchome: Clutch, gas, brake, shift rods,
-Amortyzowane seat
-mode Plowing v2
-Obroty And smoke rise for all field work
-Oświetlenie v3
-Halogeny back
A movable fan cooler
-Animacja Mobile arm
-Zapalany On key
-Ruchoma axis
Adjustable rear hook
-No Off after exiting
-Animacja firing
A movable cardan shaft
-Hand brake

Spinah, Marcello1942,gracajn26,Lechu, Ziuta, Burner, Sven777b, Modelleicher, Aranea, Invincible

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