KamAZ-43502 Pack

Author's description: KamAZ 4352 chassis with the ability to install different equipment (tank, body, platform, vans), the equipment used to fashion ZIL-MMZ-164N Pak decided the whole thing "attached" to the KamAZ, turned, got in mind to share.
Dimensions fitted under real speed 70 km / h, the motion behaves adequately! Chassis weight 6,5t. All specifications trailers left over from the donor, the main slope alteration was on the car! Operates all lighting fixtures, doors open, active mirrors, wipers
Author: Silak_68, werik, Northern_Strike, Stalker, Sanya1970, BAUER, DIMON707, Newuser, MYTHBUSTER, Kovsh


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DOWNLOAD (32 mb, Uploadfiles.eu)