GAZ SAZ 35071

Tipper based on GAZ-3309. The maximum speed of ~ 90 km / h. Transports barley, wheat, corn, canola, potatoes, sugar beets, hay, straw, silage, manure. Capacity 5m3 and 10m3 with additional boards. Work dimensions, lights, turns, dashboard lights when the size, display sensors on the panel, move the lever switch turns, open the door (inside / outside), lowered the glass, open the vents, glove box and ashtray. Well-designed animation unloading. Unloading is implemented on 3 sides. As the load ass truck sags. Wanted Patch 2.0 and above
Author: Sergey54Rus, }I{EKA, dimaks, Ruslan


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DOWNLOAD (19 mb,