Version 1.01
- Problem mit den nicht erreichbaren Kauf-/Verkaufstriggern im Fahrzeug-Shop beseitigt
- Schwenktüren und Personentür im FahrzeugShop Funktionalität hinzugefügt
- Speicherproblem mit Bäumen: Bäume ersetzt
- Kirche etwas abgesenkt

Hi Guys,
I have a small single-player map "in between" for you. This I have created, to find a little back inside after my more than 1-year absence from the LS. My last major work was the Map Oberthal Bach, as the VLT. few know. Currently I'm doing again LS on a small scale. So I had to beshäftigen with different things, like UniversalProcessKit, MapBuyableObject, Soil-Mod, etc. Here this little map is created that I have done so far done, they vlt you. also what good is. What of it continues, we'll see, because I have made up my mind just the conversion of Oberthal Bach. 3

Now to this Map, Friedberg.
It is an imaginary area that can be regarded as the foothills. Fields and meadows are kept small to medium, some fields can be placed together. Purchasable objects allow you farm and further upgrade.

Size: small, for Single Player
Slurry manure-lime-Mod or SOIL-Mod optional
ChoppedStraw Mod
Pig / cattle fattening Version 5 and cattle market
Wool range collectors
make smaller and larger open spaces for placeable objects, partly purchasable / reclaimed
UPK objects
Other crops (rye, oats, sunflower)
several dealers
Your farm with cows, sheep and chickens, lying centrally and upgradeable
1 small courtyard for Aiding (water, fodder, straw -> Milk, slurry, manure)
1 small Forsthof
Road traffic and pedestrians
Cowshed and mast systems must be cleaned up
Hofsilo with limited capacity

Eigene Map. Verwendete Objekte siehe credits.txt

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