[center]Fixes/changes from previous version.

1) Pigs and Beef now working

2) Compost now removed and replaced with old storage yard

3) New fruit types added, Oats.

4) Barns have opening doors

5 Manual opening gates/doors

6) New Textures

This is Melbury Estate, made from a deal DEM from Google Earth based in the south of the UK. This map has pig/beef fattening and multi fruit mod. Your produce is sold at the local pub and there is a local BGA plant where you can turn silage into manure for the fields, collect water at the river and use the pig/cattle manure for nutrients. Feed your animals with the right foods to increase there productivity and keep your ground topped up with nutrients to get the largest yield.

Map info

1. Sell grains/crops at local village pub

2. Potato/sugar beet storage is at a small yard near shop (can be easily missed)

3. Water is collected in the river, I large hole filled with water will provide you with the water for your pig/beef.

4. Three Farms - Dairy, Arable and a pig/beef yard. As well as a potato and sugar beet yard.

5. Multi fruit (oats)

6. Forest, logs and chipping sold at the shop.

7. Pigs and Beef are sold at the market.

8. Wool and bale sell points are at the shop.

9. All grain stored at the arable yard, (Wheat,Barley,OSR,Oat)

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