This is only logging map based on Rockwood, there are no fields. There are a lot of forest area with a thousands trees. I fixed all errors a warning and edited some things.

-added displays for all factory using fabrikscript, so you can see fill level of your products
-fixed charcoal factory error "palletplacenotfree" after load your savegame by editig HolzkohlePalette.i3d
-edited speed of sliding gates to factory, so you need not wait to enter to factory area

-AnimationMapTrigger and Terrain_And_Dirt_Control are required for full work

-3 factory usings Marhu FabrikScript

-Sawmill reguires wood logs a woodchips, produce board pallets

-second factory reguires board pallets and produce short wood pallets and wood chips

-charcoal factory reguires short wood and water and produce charcoal pallet

-water trigger is in front of charcoal factory by the river

-big crane to automatic unload / sell board pallets from your trailer

-many sell point for woods and pallets

-woodchips storage at sawmill with capacity 150 000

-new tree branches texture for spruce

If you find any errors or issues, let me know in comment or to [email protected] and i will fix it in next version.

Model: Mortary / Billo Farmer / kenny456 / kevink98 Texture: Mortary / Billo Farmer / kenny456 / kevink98 Script: Marhu / kenny456 Idea / Concept: Mortary / Billo Farmer / kenny456

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