HOLMER DLC" adds an impressive new agricultural machinery and equipment, that should raise cultivation and harvesting of sugar beets to a whole new level.

This pack includes:
HOLMER Terra Variant 600 eco Tractor, HOLMER GB 25 Grain Tank (Auger wagon), HOLMER RB 35 Sugar Beet Tank (Auger wagon), HOLMER Terra Dos T4-40 Sugar Beet Harvester, HOLMER HR 9 Header, HOLMER Header Transport Trailer, BERGMANN TSW A 19 TV Manure Spreader, ZUNHAMMER TV Slurry Tank, ZUNHAMMER Vibro Slurry Spreader and Cultivator. It fits like a normal fashion. On license 100% working on the pirates, too.

Giants Sotftware

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DOWNLOAD (91 mb,