Servus LS Community,
I want to make my textures for Fendt 930 Vario TMS from Thobolikern available to you today. Before anyone asks, THE PERMISSION OF THE THOBOLIKERN IS AVAILABLE!

What is included in the package?
-Karosserie textures
radiator grille texture
wheel rim texture
-new, customized Store image

The-containing skins:
-BVB skin
-helles Black
-Kommunal (Orange
-Schalke skin
-Special skin
-White (White)

All textures my own making. I ask you to accept the job. I will in the next few days to upload an installation manual. The pack may be put on other Modseite with my PERMISSION to download.

Modell: - Textur: Die Thoboliker, Fendt 724 Vario 3 Script: - Idee / Konzept: Fendt 724 Vario 3 Tester: Fendt 724 Vario 3

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