[FBM Team] Liebherr 550

Standard Liebherr rebuilt in Maya (rear enlarged and adjusted ...)
Of course, also weight and power adapted to the 550.

IC also fits from the outside and seat is adjustable
(Keep mouse wheel pressed and move to the left to the right, camera and player will of course go along)

Joystick is animated when moving the swingarm and Attacher.

Big scoop 12000 liters and big fork came to it
(Fork with straps for trunks or pallets from the Marhu sawmill)

Pliers enlarged and straps installed for the keyboard players.
(as when steering with the keyboard like the logs to the left and right slip)

MotorConfig (195ps, 220ps, 280ps - including exhaust change)

Radwahl standard, wider / larger and Michelin

betterSteeringAnimation (steering with one hand)

Oil change script installed

Giants Software GmbH Publisher: Forbidden-mods.de Modder: Polofreak211 / Gnomatom Script Ölwechsel: Blacky BPG

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