Bohemia Country 2017 V0.6 FIX

Map Country Bohemia in 2017 for demanding farmers. You have everything you need. This is version 0.5. Time this extension and the rest zvířet. The map is created from scratch for the FS 2017. I wish you lots of fun and will extend :) I'll be glad for the assessment and proposals for the future :)

they work:
- cows
- purchase
- Purchase of cattle
- Functional doors
- Initial Machine
- Hayloft now without function, for example, storing bales .:
- Water (hydrant or pond)
- ChoppedStraw Mod
- Texture of the new crop of Coufyho Fs 2015
- Author Medas, Raklin


- Fixed ChoppedStraw
- Fixed issue with straw and grass
- Lightweight editing maps and terrain


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DOWNLOAD (224 mb,