La petite Ardèche V Bêta 1.2
La petite Ardèche V Bêta 1.2

elcome to "La petite Ardèche", a small map to play solo. I leave you "pleasure" to discover the rest by yourself.

On the map there are:

- all available animals (cow, sheep, pig, hen)
- all wind points available (sale of Cereal, wood, wool, BGA (manure / slurry / fermented silage), straw.
- 9 small to medium sized fields
- 1 small farm (storage grain, spot to fill the machines in seeds or fertilizers, storage ball, shelters vehicles ..)
-a special culture spot.

Map in beta, subject to more or less important changes, please tell me if you find any bugs ..

I want to say that this map is my very first on farming simulator, be indulgent.


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DOWNLOAD (845 mb,