Welcome to the HoT online Farm 2k17 Lite
Not far from Wachenheim is the HoT online farm, from here you farm fields, fell timber, raise animals, produce goods and generate electricity in the BGA. In the yard are various storage and production buildings. Grain storage, Grasscobslager, water tank, fertilizer, liquid fertilizer and seed storage, straw and hay warehouse, gas station, slurry separator, cow and sparkling food mixers.
Grasscobs are the grass replacement in winter, and can be produced in Eifok Landhandel.
On 71 fields, you can grow grain or fruit at will. There are 3 large forest areas, in two there is a loading crane for tree trunks available. There are numerous production and sales points in and around the villages of Wachenheim and Bregloffhorst:
Sugar beet factory> Sugar production> Lime
Potato factory> french fries production
Sawmill> board production
Brewery> Bottling
Dairy> Dairy products
Mill> flour production
Packaging Production - Compost Production - Fertilizer, Liquid Fertilizer and Seed Production -Grasscobs Production - Vineyard - Winegrower - Bottling Plant - Fishery - Butcher - Spinning -Edeka - Inn - Toom - Station - Country Trade - Bakery - Circus
Three trains are available at the station - one carries logs for sale in another area. The other two are for the transport of grain and Erdfrüchte and tree trunks.In addition, there are at the station a sale of pallets and one each loading for potatoes and sugar beet. In addition, seed and (liquid) fertilizer can be produced here.
Potatoes and sugar beet can be delivered to each point of sale both by trailer and by train. Many production sites require pallets and cartons or even pallets to produce your products. Two gas stations compete in price, which can be read in the office. Mods and scripts:
Seasons Mod
factory script
palette collectors
Hose system (dockable at the manure pits)
manual barrier
and much more.
The following external mods are required: Seasons Mod (not mandatory)
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Please no requests via PM!
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