Sudthuringen v11
Sudthuringen v11
Sudthuringen v11
Sudthuringen v11

Fixed random crops in the fields.
Added more tip collisions in the cow farm.
Cow farm silos are now fixed.
New silos near fields 53, 33 and 16.
Fixed missing parts of sheep fencing.
Fixed floading fence near the pig farm.
Fixed some of the flicering textures with the folage.
Replaced some missing textures with working ones.
Fixed a error coused by conflicting silos.
Removed the gates in the main farm.
Removed gas torch in the BGA /cow farm.
Improved the looks of selling point.
Removed invisible lamp post in the field W10.
New dirt textures by LS Agrargenossenschaft Grabfeld.
Creating new save game is recomended.

Builders of the map: -fendtxylon524, Lars A, themodtesterjunior, farmers Pitti, Olli0710, bulldog13, were Modder Derren objects, textures, etc. ... Thanks to you all! -Niggels939, Eckert35, webalizer, El_Cid, Buschi, Vanilla, Katsuo, XXMalleXx, Fatian, Steffen30Muc, AndiScania, Tommi-1, Bull Gore, Giants, Nick98.1, Patii, Raptor5, Polska, Fendt512C, freak2009, ...

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