In this version I have removed the brahmas and added beefmaster and angus sorry they have horns, I'm unable to remove them. I fix the alfalfa so you can cut and it regrows. You will need the cropmower mod to cut the alfalfa and clover. The beefmaster is where the brahmas was and the angus is at the farm on west side of map. I removed the dog, but I left the dogfeed mixer in you can sell the feed at the same places.
This is a small update: I moved the fuel tanks and dog pen out of shop. I up the percentage of grass grazing. Moved the sell trigger at the CaseIH shop to outside and in front of Repair shop.
In this version I fix the sell point for fish, etc. I have added to other stores so you will have more than 1 sell point. I have added the grazing areas for cows, Brahmas, pony, sheep and goat.
I have just uploaded the map with corrections. I found 2 trees out of place and I have replace the Weberei, wool factory. It is set up for pallet trailers.

Animals: cow, pigs, sheep, chickens, Brahmas, ponies, goat, dogs, and turkeys(FabrikScript). I have horses, cows, dogs, sheep, chickens, snakes, cats, people, boats, planes, jets, trains
animations in map.
Crops: wheat, barley, rape, maize, sunflower, soybean, sugarCane, potato, sugarBeet, oat, rye, hemp, onion, hops, lettuce, tobacco, carrot, cotton, cabbage, sorghum, sudangrass, blackbean, peanut, corn2, alfalfa, clover, and rice.
In map: choppedStraw,,waterTroughAddon, GMKFC_Mod, multiAngleTerrain, Geo Midwest Season.
Fill types: compost, seeds2, cream, apple, cherry, orange, pear, plum, sunflowerOil, saladmix, cheese, hmilk, butter, coffeeBean, coffee, mavSilage,
mavSoybean, mavPotato, mavwoodChips, mavMilk, boards, emptypallet, stoffrolleMk, bread, beer, tomato, cauliflower, strawberry, rasberry, melon,
pumpkin, FischMk, FischMkkk, RaeucherFishKK, fishMeal, Caviar, icecream,fruitSalad, coleslaw, flour, sugar, eggsBD, vegetableOil, doughnut,
biscuit, meat, sausage, redCabbage, MAVlettuce, frenchfries, clothes, washPotato, washedPeanut, steamPotato, potatoChip, distillerCorn,
molasses, molassesMeal, allGrainFeed, biogas, digestate1, lime, whiskey, dogFeed, turkeyliver, turkeymeat, and turkeyFood.
Mod included: FS_startPointSave works only for single player. The author said he has no plans for multiplayer. zzz_cropMowing, alfalfa and clover can be cut with mower.


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