- Wool, liquid and dry fertilizers, seeds;
- Confectionery, stew, canned corn;
- Bread, canned vegetables, lemons, mushrooms;
- Cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, salad;
- Starch, red currants,strawberries
- Wheat flour, rye, corn, sugar;
- Cauliflower, red and ordinary cabbage, watermelons, pumpkin, melon;
- Plums, cherries, pears, oranges, apples, washed potatoes;
- White and red wine;
- Furniture, boards, plank, cement, cardboard, paper, empty pallets;
- Building materials, components, gas, chipboard;

- K20t trailer;
-Semi-trailer K20x2 / 40t;
- Two containers 20 and 40t;
- Two cargo 5 and 35t;
- Traverse;

- You can choose a color and company;
- get dirty / washed;
- Dynamic hoses;
- Dust from under the wheels;

- Attention! The weight writes a non-critical error in the log because of the script on realism.;

AlERK Modification (Creators of ALFREDIX)

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