SeedMaster 2k17 Platzierbar V1.0.0.0

The SeedMaster has finally made it into the LS17. It was not only easily converted, but also reworked the model, no more multi-textures on a mesh. He also obtained an optical fine grinding. The functionality is the same. Except for the no more seeds2 is produced, because Giants as a standard now has red seed.

The SeedMaster2k17 can be filled with wheat, barley, rapeseed or maize. In addition, liquidFertilizer (liquid fertilizer) is still required, which is filled with the Kotte Universal by tubing. In contrast to the 15er variant it is now free whether you the SeedMaster with a trailer filled or with a shovel from above.

Scripts: Marhu (LS15), kevinK98 (LS17) Mod: Farmer_Andy

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