Dear Sound Freaks Here is your LudmillaPower ;-)
I've thought for you, how about a T174 / 2B for Christmas Up to date.
After long nights and days I managed to create the original progress T174 / 2 sound!
First of all I would like to express my very big thanks to Mogli & the modder of the T174 excavator from ( Baron2004 ) For working together on a script that made it possible for me to breathe the excavator More realism!
Whether excavator arm, props or rotary part the excavator engine responds and has to work (idle, run & load high) as in real he does it too.

The excavator for the update can be found here:

Attention you MUST be logged in!
Installation: Just copy the files in the zip and paste into the
So now fast to bed tomorrow, Santa Claus HoHoHo wishes you LudmillaPower ;-)

Script: HardCodedRpm.lua EDIT By Mogli & Baroon2004 & EDIT By LudmillaPower . Sound Script EDIT By LudmillaPower Idee / Konzept: EDIT By LudmillaPower Tester: EDIT By LudmillaPower Sonstige: Sound Update By LudmillaPower

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