MTZ 3522 CAT VERSION V1.0.0.0

MTZ 3522 Cat. I altered the tractor to suit my taste, as I like it. List of changes:

- Standard Trelleborg wheels replaced with Belshina;
- Changed the headlights of the working lighting;
- Added an air intake;
- Redesigned the whole world;
- Partially changed the texture;
- Changed speculators (dirt), adjusted shine;
- Replaced the radiator grill with an opaque texture with a transparent mesh;
- Added mouse linkage adjustment;
- New indication icons on the dashboard.

By fashion:
- Dynamic exhaust;
- Seat cushioning;
- Dynamic hoses;
- Interactive control (IC): doors, windows, hatch open, side panels are removed / removed, a tablet is placed;
- Deformation of rubber;
- Power: 355 hp;
- Speed ​​50/15;
- Cost 75,000;
- Good physics.

- Wheels standard / with additional loaders (wheel balancing);
- Standard / decor (curtains, shelf, telephone, radio, speakers and other rubbish);
- Trimble standard / navigation (steering wheel changes, tablet is placed);

The tractor comes with a counterweight, also with a choice of design. Log is clear, no errors.

Винокуров Никита

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