Fendt 10xx Vario Serie [Ahran Modding]
Fendt 10xx Vario Serie [Ahran Modding]
Fendt 10xx Vario Serie [Ahran Modding]
Fendt 10xx Vario Serie [Ahran Modding]
Fendt 10XX series .... what can he and what does he have?

ActionFunction, AddConfig, AnimatedIndoorParts, DisplayBoot, DynamicHoses, Suspension,
ExtendedTruckFunctions, InteractiveControl, Passengers (not the normal passenger, surprise !!!)
SpeedJoystick and the new VarioGrip
Credits: Ifkonator, Xentro, Upsidedown & Mogli, Manuel Leithner, Fruktor, Slavo, Ahran


- This mod is prepared for the mods of Blacky BPG, ie oil change, AddBlue and HandbremsMod.
This also affects the digital ads in the dashboard.
There will be next to the tank content and the Addblue + consumption, as the
Engine oil + life and air pressure + consumption for the brake system displayed
- Daschboard itself also shows the ignition and Vorklu of the engine on as blinkers and hazard lights, in addition, he also shows the turn signals if 1 trailer is attached or even 2.
An indicator for the cruise control or for the different light levels are also installed.
Warnings for the respective consumption indications are also included
like yellow for almost empty tank and red for reserve tank, this is also valid for oil and adblue only in other colors and time intervals
- Indoor animations relate to almost everything
The rubber chains for turn signal lever, seat suspension and steering column are dynamically animated.
The animations refer to the handbrake, accelerator pedals, brake pedals, and clutch.
As well as turn signal lever, joystick and in the armrest at the panel the 4 levers.


For a short explanation of some things

Turn signal lever goes in the respective direction and is also animated for the windscreen wiper where it turns then, the 4 levers are an animation on the coupling of trailers and attachments so we tilts their corresponding tilting and lowering, just durchtesten :)
But there are still 2 small things in the panel of the armrest, if you activate front or rear a PTO so you will see the light point in the panel, the same is true for the power lift front and rear if you something akuppelt you also by the light source also displayed.

- Animated splash screen with welcome sound, also from Blacky BPG, and I am happy about the release and their voice of his wife like PeJay ~ SimuFriends.
There is this once for the Fendt and in completely different presentation and voice for the Challenger.
- IC Control Indoors - I've deliberately not overloaded the Fendt with it, it gives you rear window, door left, mirror and mirror arm, warning panels and engine start.
For this I have to say that he has 2 start sounds, Normal start sound via the Enter button or the automatic entry engine start or if you start the engine via IC, there is still a key sound to it.
- IC control in the Ausenbereich refers only to the opening of the engine in which the fan is animated and on the door, which can then open from the outside.
- Further animations in the cabin refer to the steering column which folds in when getting in and also stays at the helper, back when the vehicle leaves.
Add to that the dynamic seat suspension, which keeps your hands on the steering wheel and your feet on the ground when you're feathering.
The Fendt supplies a reversing device - and that's where animations take place
In the normal driving position, the accelerator pedal is active and the joystick inactive and when we use the reverse drive the whole thing is upside down.
Accelerator is then inactive and the SpeedJostick active in the case

!!! There will be no releases on the scripts or customized scripts and may not be offered for download without approval!
!!! No releases are granted to the scripts or customized scripts and may not be released for approval !!!

Ahran Modding Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de Mitgewirkt haben: Der Schreiner (Giants Software GmbH) Simufreunde ~ PeJay Ifko(nator)

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