Hello all LS 17 fans This time I want to share with you my latest changes to the Xerion 5000 3 generation. It is very popular, so many people will find this version useful.
Next time we'll see each other in fs 19!

V6.1 final - list of changes:
-> Visual changes in texture and gloss
-> Alpha level changed at bars
-> The new configuration of Michelin tires
-> The new configuration of Continental tires
-> Fixed number plates! (You can turn the cab normally)
-> New exhaust and animation
-> Improvement of models and engine performance
-> Better dynamic hose position
-> Change the wheels turn faster and more convenient
-> Flags from the cabin attached to the IC script
-> Decorative trumpets (Also from the IC!)
-> Decorative stickers - Blunk or Agravis

Mr Fox, Marthu, Avirum3D, ExtremeBB, DerFreddy_7

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DOWNLOAD (149 mb,