The real nugget of Russian technology is the ZIL-130 car. Top changes have been made that make the truck even cooler. As the developer himself noted, he redid the textures, added the illumination of headlights and devices. Instead of old tires delivered new, better ones. Among other changes of the ZIL-130 in Farming Simulator 2017 are noted: Reconfiguration of physics and its adaptation for MR-mod. Working gearbox under the Gear-Box. There is a double clutch release! Tires are deformed even under minimal load. The sound has been completely rewritten - now it has become better. Collision of the body and sides, hook points on the towbar. You will definitely check out the new towing hook that is mounted on the bumper. With the technical stuffing, the ZIL-130 for FS 2017 is also all right. A motor with a capacity of 150 horsepower was installed, the speed at maximum speed was 80 km / h, and the price was 3800 euros. The fuel tank is 340 liters, the body holds 15,500 liters.


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