The brand new KAMAZ FS 2017 look so cool and modern that they can make real competition to any foreign tractors. The KamAZ-40C mod is completely at your disposal! And here are the characteristics he possesses: The technique works with an engine with a capacity of 400 horsepower. Very large tank for filling fuel - 1000 liters. Just think, a whole ton! The average consumption is 40 liters / hour. The panel animated each device. The quality is simply amazing. While traveling on rural roads, the wheels of a domestic truck realistically miss. Traces of tread remain on the coating. The choice of color for the cab and body. By the way, the body is designed for 40,000 liters. Together with KamAZ-40C there is a bonus trailer, the volume of which is also equal to 40,000 liters. Thus, at one time the equipment allows you to transport 80,000 liters of cargo. The price is also in full order. A truck will cost you 30,000 euros for servicing 30 euros / day, a trailer is 2 times cheaper (15,000 euros). Increase the productivity of your farm FS 2017 with the help of KamAZ-40C!

DIMA SAHARTHUK. KTO-TOTUTZDES ,converted FS17 RT-mods, переделка Mr.President

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