The mod pack includes:
- Kraz-255-Laptevnik-Technical assistance cost-80500;
- Kraz-255-Laptevnik-Cistern for transportation of various liquids cost-70000;
Kraz-255-Laptevnik-Tanker for transportation and refueling equipment cost-75000;
- Kraz-255-Laptevnik-Tyagach cost-65500;
- Trailer-service for refueling and maintenance of agricultural equipment cost-18000;
- Trailer-Tank for transportation of various liquids cost-22000;
- Trailer-Fuel-Tank for transportation of fuel and refueling equipment cost-28000;
- Semitrailer-tanker for transportation of various liquids and refueling equipment cost-32000; [/ list]

Features Kraz-255B-Laptevnik:
- Wheel selection 2 options;
- Engine selection 2 options;
- Choice of body color, wheels and painting of individual parts;
- There was an animation of the engine at the request of comments;
- All the cisterns have transfer pipes;
- On all trailers running animation of unloading and simply draining liquids;
- There is an animation when refueling equipment;
- All the lighting equipment workers all the machinery gets dirty.


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