Pack KamAZ - transports all products on the map. 37 pieces of equipment. Map can be taken here - Map of Russia v 1.06.
Based on a large pack of KamAZ + added:
Kamaz with a hook and modules for it, Kamaz van (with booth), Kamaz board,
Kamaz gas carrier, well, tractors, dump trucks, timber trucks, as well as trailers and semi-trailers for them.
Trucks carry goods on the maps: Russia, Gifts of the Caucasus, Perestroika, Sibagrokom.
Engine selection and color. Working mirrors.
Animation tidy, suspension, cardan.
Tire deformation
Mouse control (not at all).
Fully redesigned light. Set up physics.
Specifications fit for real.
Prices bite, but adequate so as not to relax :)
Transport all cultures available in the game, as well as water and milk.
LOG clean.
Washable Lighting. Leave marks. Flying dust from under the wheels.

Fixed the trailer for milk and onboard KAMAZ with a trailer can now fill the drill. Plitovoz - transports plates on the map of Russia, bought in the "Russia Kamaz Pak".

Eraevgenij, Shoker, Alex44Rus, Andy Vertlib, vladimir.loko

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