The truck is fully adapted to the Gear Box mod.
(mod on the gearbox)
Real ratios for each gear are registered, now the truck has 5 gears forward and 1 back.
If you play without a gear box, then it’s okay trucks work fine without it.

- Speed: 75 km / h;
- Fuel tank capacity: 105 l .;
- Price: 25 890 €;
- Maintenance cost per day: € 46.70;
- Engine selection (122L.S and 124l.s);
- Choice of color cabin;
- Selection of wheels;
- Select the color of the discs;
- The choice of the body;
- Doors and windows open;
- Animated driveshaft, suspension and mud flaps;
- Working dashboard;
- Working light engineering;
- Working mirrors;
- leaves traces;
- It gets dirty and washes.


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DOWNLOAD (32 mb, Modsbase.com)