Hello i bring you my optimus prime dump truck dump truck let me tell you a story i was doing a body swap on a dump truck and i use this persons truck witch is the westernstar optimus prime dump truck
from fs17 and people wanted a dump truck version and i went out of my way spent 4 days on this truck and this guy named t churchil decided to put me down and call it stupid and more and i right now im giving up on it it has full of errors witch i could not fix because of him so you can think him for the problems he gave me
the bed holds 100000 liters and has a beacon bar with blue lights to match the truck the headlights are blue because thats what is looks like in real life and it also has no store picture but the name is set the name of the truck so you can use it.

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DOWNLOAD (227 mb, Modsbase.com)